Ssamjang Seasoned Soybean Paste is an essential condiment for Korean barbecued wraps. It's used as a dipping sauce for vegetables and grilled meats. Korean ssamjang is a thick, spicy paste used as a condiment in Korean lettuce wraps, or ssambap.Ssamjang is the fusion of two ingredients at the heart of Korean cuisine - fermented soy bean paste (doenjang), and spicy Korean red pepper paste (gochujang).This salty, spicy ssamjang sauce is the perfect accompaniment to authentic Korean lettuce wraps. You may need to find an Asian market or a mail order provider. at B2B discounted price. Add your local store to the Korean grocery store directory and help others find good places to shop! Many households make their own ssämjang, but if you're dabbling in the world of Korean wraps for the first time, you may want to buy ssämjang off the shelf. NEW Location of Korean Supermarket in Dubai I don’t normally buy a big container for ssamjang sauce, because I only use a small amount of it each time. CJ ssamjang is a seasoned soybean paste widely used in Korean cuisine. Most ssämjang comes in … This recipe is a variation on dipping sauce (ssamjang: 쌈장), using a small apple instead of sugar. In food terms, ssam (쌈) means wraps or wrapped food, and jang (장) is a collective term for Korean fermented condiments, such as doenjang, gochujang and ganjang. Free Delivery on All Orders Over $120.00 . The sauce is made of doenjang, gochujang, sesame oil, onion, garlic, green onions, and optionally brown sugar. It also has a little bit of garlic and some rice wine or some chopped fresh peppers, and definitely plenty of sesame oil. Ssam is usually enjoyed with a meal featuring grilled meat (e.g., galbi, Bulgogi) or boiled meat (e.g., suyuk). It is best known as a dipping sauce that accompanies lettuce wraps for Korean BBQ. Check out the Store Ssamjang is a delicious Korean sauce made of gochujang, which is a red chilli pepper paste and doenjang, which is a fermented soy bean paste. Description. We have shops in many countries including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, UAE, … Korean Supermarket in Dubai. Ssamjang(쌈장) is a thick, spicy paste used with food wrapped in a leaf in Korean cuisine. Please check your postcode on our Delivery Page to make sure we are able to deliver on your area.. Ssamjang from GUNGJEONBANG CO.,LTD. The Al Barsha branch was located at number 1004 on the street! 1004 Gourmet is an unusual name for a Korean supermarket but then I learnt from the owner/manager Chan that number 1004 translates to Chunsa in Korean but also means Angels which is what they originally wanted to call the shop, so 1004 stayed. Buy Ssam Jang ingredients online here. Adding this sauce to your barbecue meat and vegetable wrap will give every bite an extra oomph. Ssamjang is a dipping sauce for “ssam” (make-your-own lettuce wrap filled with grilled meat, vegetables and rice). Where do you buy your Korean cooking ingredients? We are one of the leading manufacturer & supplier of Ssamjang in South Korea. Better than restaurant quality, delivered to a time slot most convenient for you. Ssamjang (쌈장) is best known as a dipping sauce that accompanies lettuce wraps for Korean BBQ. Below are some pictures of Korean ssamjang varieties available at a Korean grocery store.

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