It's the cornerstone of Sleaford Mods' sound, underscored by double-tracking on crucial phrases; the music behind it is loops made by Andrew Fearn, the other half of the band, mostly from blunt basement-rock bass and drums. It was released on 24 July 2015 through Harbinger Sound. It's a classic. Key Markets is the eighth studio album by British electronic music duo Sleaford Mods. Me too," Williamson snaps. Any worries that wider approval might have dimmed Williamson’s anger prove to be unfounded: Key Markets finds him railing against politicians – Clegg, Miliband (“a chirping cunt”), Boris Johnson – as well as less obvious targets, includin gearly-00s garage rockers the Von Bondies and model David Gandy. (Harbinger Sound) Dave Simpson. 20 Views. Their are big truths and profundity side by side with trivial asides that clutter the memory. If you can cope with a liberal dose of expletives and a fiery attitude, however, then Key Markets is as good a reflection of the state of Austerity Britain as anyone has put to music. /. Photograph: Richard Saker/Observer New Review. His rhythm track is a three-minute extension of a punk song's bolting bass-and-drums intro, a loop of the few seconds before the guitar inevitably dives in—which it never does here. Click or Press Enter to view the items in your shopping bag or Press Tab to interact with the Shopping bag tooltip. Review Summary: "Key Markets" showcases Sleaford Mods at their most pissed off state, but also exhibits a strong progression in production as well as witty, ferocious and political lyrical delivery from Jason Williamson. Between Austerity Dogs and last year’s stellar Divide and Exit, there was a subtle but nonetheless tangible sense of evolution, in both Williamson’s lyrics and Andrew Fearn’s instrumentals. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Key Markets at Fortunately, their speedy ascent didn't affect their approach or attitude; in fact, Key Markets might be even more pissed-off and … Sleaford ModsKey Markets Petra Davis , August 24th, 2015 13:48. All I could ever ask from them is shitty bass guitar riffs, unsyncopated drum machines, and Jason Williamson; Key Markets doesn't disappoint. While that [Divide And Exit] was the album Sleaford Mods needed to make to gain a wide audience, Key Markets is the one that tells their listeners that they'll never stop raging against stupidity. No one's bothered." Fucck em.' Last modified on Wed 21 Mar 2018 20.12 EDT. Gritty. "Miliband got hit with the ugly stick, not that it matters/ The chirping cunt obviously wants the country in tatters," Williamson spits on "In Quiet Streets"; it's not quite Eminem-caliber for either invective or internal rhyme, and it arrives two months after Ed Miliband resigned as Leader of the Labour Party, but it'll do. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Jason Williamson's speaking voice is gloriously bilious: hoarse with fury, spraying plosives everywhere, turning up the kinked corners of his East Midlands accent as far as they'll go, cramming syllables into every line because nobody's going to fooken shut him up, mate. Sleaford Mods seem to be in an untouchable streak, still pushing out punishing song after punishing song, with Key Markets delivering some of their best material yet Read Review. ), Williamson and Fearn are both weary-looking white guys in their mid-forties, and they've been kicking around the music world long enough to not have an iota of idealism about it. The title of *Key Markets—*something between Sleaford Mods' third album and their ninth, depending on how you count—refers to a '70s-era supermarket, but it's also a canny reference to the way the band has been clawing its way up in the British music scene. Perplexing. Sleaford Mods – Key Markets Another Tory win, another speculative grin, as the buy sildenafil 60mg margins between the have's and the have not's spread mercilessly farther apart like the elastic band that continues to stretch to the point of snapping. The furious excitement surrounding the strident, speedy ascent of Sleaford Mods has been accommodated by a dazzling array of releases, which have demonstrated how much had been bottled-up inside the duo, just waiting for an audience to validate it. Railing against all targets: Andrew Fearn (left) and Jason Williamson of Sleaford Mods. Key Markets feels more skeletal than its older brother and suffers for it, but, as ever, Sleaford Mods seem to be in an untouchable streak, still pushing out punishing song … True originals. All of them may be true, but 'Key Markets' is some of the most invigorating, honest and vital music you will hear this year. Released 24 July 2015 on Harbinger (catalog no. Key Markets | Sleaford Mods / 15 July 2015. Crude. Key Markets, the latest album from Sleaford Mods, is an impressive show of force from a duo with the chemistry that comes from having worked together for years but none of the complacency. Sleaford Mods: Key Markets ‎ (LP, Album) Harbinger Sound: HARBINGER150: UK: 2015: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r16095617] Release. Sleaford Mods have over the last couple of years proved me wrong on my view that if you are over 40 in music, then you have nothing new to offer and write about. Cover for Sleaford Mods' Key Markets. Key Markets is simply the latest great Sleaford Mods album. (Likewise, you need to have a fairly deep knowledge of both British politics and Britpop to parse a couplet from "Rupert Trousers": "Idiots visit submerged villages in 200-pound wellies, spitting out fine cheese made by that tool from Blur/ Even the drummer’s a fuckin' MP: fuck off, you cunt, sir."). ... reviews and discographies. 5. stars 4 out of 5 stars. Sleaford Mods: Key Markets review – vivid, furious pictures of Britain 4 / 5 stars 4 out of 5 stars. It's been less than a year since Williamson was able to quit his day job as a "benefits adviser," which provided the raw material for both their best-known older song, "Jobseeker", and the new album's "Face to Faces": "Free money, mate, just fill in the form and if you can't then I can 'elp ya. "I saw your shit singer, trying to look like he was studying the band's dinner / wannabes never change, it's the wannabe show / and you always wannabe the same, poser shit and leather jacket, … Read and write album reviews for Key Markets - Sleaford Mods on AllMusic Sleaford Mods … ", The state of a working class that politics have kicked in the face over and over is the central subject of Williamson's topical, allusive, syllable-drunk lyrics. "No One's Bothered" is another sung one, the closest thing here to the form of the '70s punk that's deeply embedded in Sleaford Mods' art, and it's built on a smart trick from Fearn. Exhilarating. But again, sonic luciousness isn't something Sleaford Mods have ever really cared about. Boomkat Product Review: The Mods hock a vitriolic follow-up to their 'Divide And Exit' breakthrough with the 12-song 'Key Markets'. If you have a tendency to use the spellings f*** and c***, perhaps Sleaford Mods are not for you. (On stage, the two of them are a delightful contrast: Williamson burning-eyed and venting, Fearn hanging back with a beer in his hand, bobbing his head and not even pretending to do more than press the start button at the beginning of each song. The furious excitement surrounding the strident, speedy ascent of Sleaford Mods has been accommodated by a dazzling array of releases, which have demonstrated how much had been bottled-up inside the duo, just waiting for an audience to validate it. One-dimensional. (The creepily catchy "Tarantula Deadly Cargo", which may or may not be a scatological joke, would fit right in on the Fall's Dragnet, especially Fearn's asthmatic guitar plinks.) Key Markets is Sleaford Mods’ third album for Harbinger Sound in as many years, and it naturally continues the thread of utter contempt that runs throughout their body of work. It was released on 24 July 2015 through Harbinger Sound. Hilarious. Sleaford Mods Key Markets (Harbinger Sound) Buy it from Insound What's great about the new Sleaford Mods record is that this band has entirely resisted change in the wake of their modest success.

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