Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is his biggest canvas yet. Even the title of his new album, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, is imbued with a sense of gay drama – not tomorrow, not later this week, destroy my heart right now, before this song is even over. As his music has become less about specific situations and more about a grand search for definition, it’s transformed. Sign up for our newsletter. It's been a small marvel to witness the transformation of Mike Hadreas, and his latest offering is only more proof that he's an artist unlike any other working today, capable of opening doors to the unknown and illuminating new pathways. Mike Hadreas, better known as Perfume Genius, shines on his incredibly artful, fifth studio album, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately. The lyric brings to mind classic moments in pop — Joni Mitchell in “California,” singing about Sixties political revolution as “just a dream some of us had,” or Michael Stipe’s “That was just a dream” refrain from “Losing My Religion.” Here the dreamer’s dream is boiled down to the loneliest personal scale: Hadreas takes on the voice of an aging man singing about love and mortality, someone who’s wondering why he’s never found the satisfaction he’s spent half a life working to deserve. Bands: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Maggie Rogers - Notes From The Archive: Recordings 2011-2016. The best Perfume Genius moments are with the dynamic upbeat pop songs, jam-packed with hooks and danceable grooves. See all 3 formats and editions. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is the work of an artist who subverts every trope he comes across, and yet it is incredibly accessible. Want more Rolling Stone? Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is the purest crystallisation of Hadreas’ growth, both as an artist and a human being. The fifth album from Mike Hadreas is his most ambitious yet. In a short essay published alongside the album, writer Ocean Vuong described ‘Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’ as a “soft storm” adding: “This is music to both fight and make love to. It steers itself through cryptic hazes and storms of human sadness, coming back from any waves of hesitance as Mike tries to wear his heart on his sleeve. His effort to overcome the body-brain gulf is more apparent than ever throughout No Shape follow-up Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, on which Hadreas loses control of … T here is a first time for everything, and first times tend to be special. Big moods only. People sometimes mistake camp for comedy, and the two are not interchangeable. I could make a 9-10 song arrangement out of this that's a 4.5, so this certainly isn't without it's outstanding moments. In fact I'm not sure how well it'd work with the quieter songs more spaced out, Album Rating: 3.0very cool alb, gotta give it more listens tho, Digging: DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ - Charmed, Can't decide where I land on this yet but it is very good, Digging: Cindy Lee - What's Tonight to Eternity. nice review sowing! On Set My Heart On Fire Immediately, Hadreas is, as the greedily and sensuously impatient imperative of its title makes clear, finally demanding more feeling, more experience, more of everything, for himself – and the results make for a revelatory listen. Send us a tip using our anonymous form. Perfume Genius: Set My Heart on Fire Immediately review – pop poet discovers new powers. Digging: The Avalanches - We Will Always Love You. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is attentively and intelligently constructed. It feels as indebted to Kate Bush as it is to Frank Ocean, and yet really it doesn’t sound much like anything other than itself. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. His songs can be as inviting as the warmly burnished folk-pop of “Without You” and as bracing as the metallic goth stomp “Your Body Changes Everything,” or tenderly longing like  “One More Try” and “Leave,” in which longtime collaborator Blake Mills’ string arrangements stretch out across ballads that recall forlorn Fifties rock and roll crooning. Listen Now with Amazon Music. But on ‘Set My Heart on Fire Immediately’, his fifth studio album, he’s turned in the most confident, compelling songs of his career. Hadreas’ sound mixes a loving sense of pop history and a blithe disregard for stylistic boundaries, causally traversing goth, glam, synth-pop, soul, and indie-rock, collapsing decades into his music. It’s par for the course for an artist who specializes in embodying pop archetypes, and making them new again. Album Rating: 4.0I'm not sure either - if it were up to me I'd just axe them. Album Rating: 4.5I think the atmosphere built is remarkable and don't have a problem with the sequencing. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately feels more grounded, both in the earth and in the flesh. need more time for this to sink in. Most are moving mood pieces with intricate melodies, while some are bland and skippable. This time, he brings on seasoned session veterans like drummers Jim Keltner and Matt Chamberlain and bassist Pino Palladino — the kind of guys who’ve been showing up on the biggest mainstream rock and pop records for decades. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Michael Alden Hadreas (born September 25, 1981), better known by his stage name Perfume Genius, is an American singer.Hadreas's music explores topics including sexuality, his personal struggle with Crohn's disease, domestic abuse, and the dangers faced by gay men in … Album Rating: 4.5There's still plenty on here that's catchy, far and away his best work, Album Rating: 3.0this isn’t his best work, but he’s “ageing” gracefully, Album Rating: 4.5'at the expense of the catchier and more bombastic melodies.' These 13 tracks are finely wrought works of art that draw as much influence from Purcell and Mozart as they do scuzzy Nineties post-punk. The slow, contemplative songs on Set My Heart on Fire Immediately are hit or miss. Hadreas has combined aspects of heavy grunge guitar, a range of vocal delivery from distorted or whispered to … © Copyright 2020 Rolling Stone, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. I went through a dilemma when choosing an equation that would best represent Perfume Genius. Any experimentation was not a product of an urge to be different, but rather a need for his music to hit newer, higher emotional notes. He gets his Dusty Springfield on during “Jason,” his voice rising into a translucent falsetto. From its first line, the latest release from Perfume Genius commands your attention. Amazon's Choice for " perfume genius vinyl ". It’s a suggestion that Perfume Genius is taking his place in an echelon of music that must’ve seemed a planet away when he was crafting his earliest epistles from the art-pop hinterlands. Hide other formats and editions. Boomkat Product Review: Wildly ambitious pop tour de force by LA’s Perfume Genius, echoes shades of classic rock and pop via mutated refractions like Mark Hollis, Autre Ne Veut, Cindy Lee. 9.0 | Northern Transmissions. And some big ideas too. I know some users have already 5'd this and I can see why if you're a fan of the ambient atmospheres at the expense of the catchier and more bombastic melodies. Not only do the songs carry significantly more heft, there is a real sense of scope and ambition that has been previously lacking. Fire builds on … Guess I just prefer him in more of an epic, no-holds-barred role. Digging: Susanne Sundfor - Ten Love Songs. Album Review: Perfume Genius – “Set My Heart On Fire Immediately” Posted: 21st May, 2020 by The Editor For an artist of ageless wisdom, the concept of time is a perplexing one to tackle. Back at the dawn of the 2010s, he drew notice with music that had the muted, willful intensity of bedroom recordings, but he’s been operating on a much grander scale for a while now, swerving between genres with Prince-like ease. Perfume Genius) has delivered his most ambitious music yet on his fifth LP. I'd definitely welcome an alternate take either via review or dialogue that explores the depths of the lyrics and analyzes how his orientation adds to the experience, however. Album Rating: 4.5Nothing At All, Describe, On The Floor, Whole Life are all 5/5 tracks Perfume Genius cares so much it hurts on Set My Heart on Fire Immediately Read Review. “Describe” beautifies Nineties guitar sludge, feeling at once like a subversion and a love letter. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is an enormous, cavernous record – the kind that invites you to sit inside and let your fears and triumphs echo against its glittering walls. Luckily, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is full of direction and drive. Of course, revelation is nothing new when it comes to Perfume Genius. the bombast was what always put me off before. Set My Heart On Fire, Immediately Street: 05.15 Matador Records Perfume Genius = Sufjan Stevens + Beach House. Album Rating: 4.5Also, feel sorry for Rufus Wainwright releasing an album the same year as this. The album title is overly dramatic, a little funny, and also deeply serious. Album Rating: 4.0@anatelier: Agreed with all of those selections except I'd swap out Whole Life for Some Dream. Album Rating: 3.0The slower songs just don’t grip me the way I want them to. Amazon's Choice recommends highly rated and well-priced products. /. Album Rating: 3.0Was about to yes the review but realized sowing wrote it... no fair. The pitfalls for me come on the slower songs that aren't 'ambient' per se, or at least not instrumental - Just a Touch, One More Try, and Borrowed Light bored me pretty badly - and considering they all come at the end, it really dragged this thing out for me and made it feel like work. 'Set My Heart On Fire Immediately' sounds like the culmination of everything Perfume Genius has done up to this point while also sounding like a … Album Rating: 5.0not sure if prefer this or no shape yet. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is similarly eclectic in its stylistic choices. It has moments that revisit the maximalist opulence of No Shape , such as “Your Body Changes Everything.” Meanwhile “Without You” is an unabashedly romantic cut tinged with steel guitar and a swaying Spanish tempo and “Some Dream” builds from a soft ballad to cinematic heights before falling back down once … “On the Floor” plays gracefully with Eighties R&B, evoking Tina Turner via Erasure. A pop savant whose vision keeps getting more all-encompassing as he keeps making records, Mike Hadreas (a.k.a. Album Rating: 4.0I'm certainly not the authority on themes of sexuality as they relate to music, so I think if I tried to convey that angle it might, possibly at least, come off as phony. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Set My Heart On Fire Immediately at Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is comfortably Perfume Genius’s most complete and accomplished set to date. In all these settings, Hadreas meditates on desire as a blessing and burden, a tactile experience and an apparition just out of reach. Releasing Describe and On the Floor, the two best on the album, before it came out, gave me false hope that this would be better than it ended up being. Will listen again, could be a grower. At the same time, the album doesn’t feel overthought or overly intricate. Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound OffThis is his best work, but nice review nonetheless, Digging: Maggie Rogers - Notes From The Archive: Recordings 2011-2016. We want to hear from you! Mike Hadreas’ first album of the new decade sees Perfume Genius embarking upon some very expansive artistic paths. Album Rating: 3.0Good atmosphere and sounds in general, but I'm not so much a fan of the melodies. Throughout the album, Hadreas forms complex sonic textures out of the thoughts tormenting … Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. On The Floor reminds anyone else of old Yeasayer? 5. As on No Shape, there are skyward string arrangements and sparkling harpsichord passages, but … With trusted producer Blake Mills (Fiona Apple, Laura Marling), the artist born Mike Hadreas ensures that each and every note on his new album, Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, lands with devastating precision. While in Florida Golfing, Trump Allows Jobless Benefits to Expire for Millions, Tony Rice, Innovative Bluegrass Guitarist, Dead at 69, Republicans Hit the Sunday News Shows to Blast Trump, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Sells for $22 Million, How to Watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Online: Stream the Film for Free on HBO Max, 18 Great Albums You Might Have Missed in 2020, Year in Review: Best Music of 2020 — Staff Picks, Mike Posner’s ‘Operation: Wake Up’ is a Concept Album About Being a Depressed Songwriter for Hire. Perfume Genius Set My Heart on Fire Immediately (Matador) Buy it from Insound Perfume Genius’ fifth album is a chance to take stock. Recorded in his home of LA and produced by Blake Mills, the title’s a nod to the level of feeling. 5. stars 5 out of 5 stars. Even the opener, while pretty, sort of just came and went without leaving an impact. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately received rave reviews. 3 weeks have followed since the release of Perfume Genius’ (Mike Hadreas) 5th album, Set My Heart On Fire Immediately and I have been co-existing with it ever since. Set My Heart On Fire Immediately. 4.7 out of 5 stars 139 ratings. Album Rating: 4.0Started as a 3.5 for me grew a tad. Perfume Genius Format: Vinyl. Album Rating: 3.0I feel like there's too much substance for this to just act as a chill scape, and not enough substance to get me going. (Matador) Backed by … Album Rating: 4.0Enjoyed this a ton but liked No Shape better. “That was just a dream I had,” he sings on the album’s heartbreaking opener, “Whole Life,” his lament sinking into a golden river of glimmering guitar, lullaby piano, and luminous strings. Strictly from a musical standpoint I was pleased with how this turned out, but I prefer what I feel is a more ambitious pop pursuit on No Shape over this, which is admittedly more expansive but also less memorable (to me, as a straight white cis male who has little vested in any motifs/themes/struggles that may have contributed to others' appreciation of the work). @Green Baron: I agree that the slower songs don't all hold their own, but surprisingly, I do really like most of the ambient songs (2nd half of Describe, Leave, and Moonbend are all excellent). At review aggregator Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from critics, the album received a weighted average score of 91 out of 100, based on 21 reviews, indicating "universal acclaim" and making it Perfume Genius' highest rated album on the website. I realize that all makes it sound like I hated this, but I actually think this is excellent - just not quite on par with this record's predecessor. “Set My Heart On Fire Immediately is the fifth studio album from Perfume Genius released on Matador Records. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately is a spacious and beautiful offering, but also one that would have been better served by more moments of cautiousless joy like ‘Nothing at All’. Perfume Genius maps his desires on 'Set My Heart on Fire Immediately' album. These are age-old ideas, but they don’t feel that way when he’s singing them. Hadreas is proficient in retaining Set My Heart On Fire Immediately’s allure as he exudes an unwavering assurance in his artistic dexterity, seamlessly slipping between almost industrial-like rhythms and carefree pop songs.One such irresistible moment is the fun-loving 1980s-tinged, ‘On The Floor’. this is incredible either way.

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