Can you make it a day ahead of time? I was leary about pouring room temperature jello on top but WOW! The strawberry pretzel salad is yummie, but i had issue with jello sliding off cream. The crust taste like pecans or walnuts. I wish you and your beautiful family to continue with your success for many, many years to come. I am making it tomorrow. First time visitor. I’m a new fan. The first time I made this the crust, it stuck to the bottom of the dish and I had a difficult time getting the pieces out. Yeap I did mix it thoroughly. Thanks so much!! Nov 24, 2019 - Recipe with video instructions: Easy, homemade, doughnuts - what more could you want? Glass baking dish And Last time I made them something went wrong with the Jell-O it didn’t get stiff and went down to the pretzels. Read my disclosure policy. How do I change the recipe if using strawberry jello but frozen strawberries in sugar juice. Also, I wonder if maybe you used a larger pan that would be spread out thinner? Hi Cristina, I’m so sorry to hear that, I have not had that experience with this recipe. You’re welcome! (upbeat music) Divide the batter evenly between your two prepared cake pans, and I love using a digital kitchen scale to make sure I have the same amount of batter in each cake pan, that way they rise evenly and perfectly. I honestly love all of the recipes I’ve tried from you. We call it Jelly Slice here in Australia. can a pretzel jello salad be a salad? These Coconut Balls are darling which makes them the perfect gift idea. Our readers have reported great results using sugar-free jello, however! It set up beautifully.”. It's easy and turns out perfect every time. The crust is spooned into the jar first and tamped down. This is my favorite dessert!! more or less. Not only are they gorgeous, they feed a crowd and can be made in advance. One of the recipes I read said to refrigerate jello until partially set but I like yours will both work? I did seal it really well with the cream cheese so doubt it could have been that? Delicious. These simple doughnuts filled with a homemade custard recipe … Otherwise it was easy to make and yummy! If anyone else has a good answer to this, please chime in and thanks! Then I put my strawberry/jello mix on top and threw the whole thing in the fridge to set. Set aside to cool to room temperature. It takes just a short time to set. It looks almost as good as yours.” I hope this helps! Thank you for that awesome feedback. Thank you for sharing your great review! Love your directions and the cute way you present them in your videos! Will they hold once everything is done since the cool whip layer is on top of them? Less an I used a 13×9 dish but the rest turned out fine. This strawberry pretzel salad is the best so tasty and licious! Have always loved watching your recipes and tried some myself. Hi Natasha, can I make this recipe and leave it in the fridge overnight to serve the next day? Thanks for stopping by! Then when I added the strawberries and slowly poured it on, it all stayed on top! An easy recipe for holiday gift-giving! When pretzels have cooled, use an electric hand mixer to beat 8 oz cream cheese and 1/2 cup sugar on med/high speed until fluffy and white. Hi Jyoti, I have not tried a Jello-O substitution to advise. Maybe the bowl just appears bigger or smaller? Nilla Wafers layered with banana slices and instant pudding and topped with whipped cream. Hello Jenny yes that should work. If you double everything, it would require a HUGE casserole dish. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees and add the canola oil to a large dutch oven on medium heat. I’m so glad to know it works well with an aluminum pan! Does it matter if we do not use a glass dish? 347. Salted hard pretzels add the salty element which is surprising but so good. For the sweet tooth. Your video shows much more than 2 1/2 cups. I’m wondering if your dish size was larger? After refrigerating the pan with the creamcheese/coolwhip for about 30 minutes, I also put the jello in the fridge to get it cold and “almost” set. Do you have to use a glass dish? It’s dangerously good! I made this, thought it was delicious, and loved the sweet, salty, crunchy combo! I’m sure it’s going to be messy to serve. I also used 2 pkgs of sugar free jello with the 2 cups of boiling water. I think the can whip cream would get watery after a while. Going to try today for first time. Glass mixing bowl Some of the most popular dessert recipes online. It was amazing! Thanks for the update and good review. Add the cream cheese mixture on top. Hi, we found it in our local grocery store. Also thought I had cool whip and didn’t (My son had eaten it. Our jello cake and classic raspberry pretzel jello are also reader favorites this time of year. Very nice blog post. Finally got together all the ingredients {without} berries dove into by my family. Thanks you for this great looking recipe. Learn more... Natasha's top tips to unleash your inner chef! It’s the perfect Christmas cake covered in a simple orange glaze and studded with sugared cranberries. I haven’t tried making that this recipe for that many people but this recipe makes 12 slices. It might turn mushy. Excellent tips! so let's get started. I thought it would have made a firmer crust. Fish Tacos Recipe with Best Fish Taco Sauce! Next time I’ll follow the instructions on the raspberry jello salad and put the strawberries down on the cream cheese layer before pouring the jello or put them in when the jello is still hot. I think it’s a dessert but whatever you call it..I’m going to make looks yummy. Hi! That sounds delicious! Pour and spread strawberry jello mixture evenly over your cooled cream cheese layer and refrigerate until jello is set (2-4 hours). How can this be done for 200 people? this mango mousse recipe is eggless and a vegetarian one as no gelatine or even agar agar is used for setting the mousse. I’m making this for Thanksgiving can I make this the day before and still be fresh? Can’t wait to try it again. Hi there Kevin! Thanks! Light enough dessert that it doesn’t weigh you down. Thank you for sharing! @natashaskitchen, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is moist and loaded with sweet over ripe bananas and melted morsels of chocolate chips. For the video, how much cream cheese did you use? Would freeze good. Smaller pretzels are easier to crush and measure. Can I just use a regular graham pie crust? Hull and slice 1 lb strawberries then stir into your room temperature jello. It is such a satisfying cake and keeps really well so you can make it ahead. Plus its not overly sweet. There is a massive debate on Facebook as to why this is called a “salad” and it really is a passionate debate (very entertaining to read). or Dessert? Hi Susan, was is less covered than our images? Thanks! Hi Sharalyn, that will make a thinner layer of Jell-O. Can you update your recipe to reflect the correct amount of pretzels? I’m so happy to hear that! Love watching your videos for us in Sydney we work with ml not oz and some of the ingredients you use we dont have here like the cream you used in this recipe can we used thickened cream. Looks amazing. Thank you so much for sharing that with us. Thanks for sharing your experience with us and for giving some tips too! Refrigerate 30 min. Well Natasha….didn’t even get the chance to take a picture of my creation,,,looked just like yours. Made with three different types of chocolate and an ooey-gooey caramel layer, this Christmas dessert is even better than what you can buy from a candy store! If using a larger pan, you would want to increase everything including the pretzels proportionally. Thanks for all the wonderful recipes! I think something was wrong with the Jell-O but like Natasha I always make jello the first thing and it gets cool. Do you think this would work if I put the ingredients into cupcakes? It’s the best kind of homemade candy and they are melt-in-your-mouth good. Strawberry Pretzel Salad is the first video recipe that went viral on Facebook and now has been viewed over 50,000,000 MILLION TIMES! Hi Gloria, I haven’t had that experience but I suspect it might be a different product – maybe more concentrated than what is sold in the US. Note: click on times in the instructions to start a kitchen timer while cooking. You'll love these healthy homemade snack, lunch and dinner ideas. Hope you can get your own show someday. Can I use the Reddi wip (original) in the bottle instead? And when you do, make sure you click that little bell icon so you'll get notifications every time we post a new recipe. Soooo, I made this again tonight and sprayed the bottom of the pan. I got all but the strawberries because wanted to ask if you must use ‘fresh’ strawberries or can you use ‘frozen’ ones as they are mixed into the jello. We love to make a toppings bar, especially for the holidays and parties.

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