The best fishing may be for trout and possibly northern pike. The Rio Grande streamflow is 359 cubic-feet-per-second at Taos Junction Bridge. Eagle Nest Lake State Park is one of the prime ice-fishing destinations. Lake Alice is a small lake and the fishing is primarily for recently-, stocked rainbow trout. From my perch this week on the bow of a DNR electrofishing boat, I’ve noticed that the cooler weather has brought about a big uptick in angling activity on our North Georgia lakes. July Lake Toho fishing report . But you don’t even spook as many, which to me suggests they are not feeding much (when trout feed they are more likely out in the open so you see them when you approach). 2019 Georgia Wildlife Blog Sports And Outdoors If you still want to go, your best bet is to cast an in-line spinner down the middle of the canal for bowfin or pickerel (jackfish) or put a shrimp on the bottom for catfish. The stripers will be on a feeding frenzy trying to fatten up for the winter and will start spreading out some. From DNR’s Trout Biologist, Sarah Baker: I was happy to see the forecast call for some temperature drops and only a little rain this week. Temperatures will decrease as the month progresses. This is a low flow and fishing conditions are good. Email: Broken Bow. This Fishing Report was submitted on 11/27/2020 7:26:02 AM by Seamus. Try both colors and fish the points and sides of point’s lake wide. A Ned rig and a Fluke isn’t often found 15 feet deep but the baitfish it’s made to imitate are certainly prevalent there. The streamflow in the Gila River is 55.7 cubic-feet-per-second. Finesse for bass, kastmasters and spinners for trout. NFBW takes place June 6–14, 2020, and offers great reasons to get outdoors, including two FREE Fishing Days on June 6, and June 13! The fishing can be good here in the winter. Reservoir Fishing Reports Courtesy of Southern Fishing with Ken Sturdivant. New Mexico is one of the few, maybe the only state where you can harvest four different species of quail. The fishing should be fair in the Albuquerque, Albuquerque South, Belen Riverside, Corrales Riverside and Peralta drains. I realize that catching fish with an electrofishing boat is very different than with rod and reel, so here’s what the experts are telling us this week. A total of 5,064 rainbow trout were stocked. Use a white ½ ounce buzz bait, weightless Zoom Trick worm, ¼ ounce Rat L Trap in a shad pattern, Pop R, Super Spook Jr. and shallow crank baits. It’s a great attractor, and a very good, buoyant indicator for your trailing # 14 Prince nymph or caddis pupa or larva. Scaled quail are found throughout Southern New Mexico. Shad Colored Crankbait 2.5 diver by Senkos, Mike Bucca’s segmented Baby Bull Shad (by Catch Co.). Elephant Butte Lake State Park is open. These fish will grow to catchable size. Print Email. We received a light dusting of snow on Friday, this Sunday morning its 30 degrees and snowing once again. Same as the other rivers – the lower river white catfishing is your only real option this week. Lake Seminole Fishing Report December 15, 2020 December 15, 2020. Depths are varying daily from 10 to 18 feet. The Sacramento, San Mateo and Gila mountain ranges where the grass is high are areas to look for Montezuma quail. Name: Chad ... Garrett Hams group is reporting spectacular numbers fishing all over the lake with 7” senkos. Only a handful of lakes in the Gila National Forest around Silver City and the Lincoln. Misc Info: - Prospects and Fishing Tips Largemouth bass - Lake Nottely's largemouth bass population has returned to its historic level of abundance due, in part, to the supplemental stocking efforts of WRD. Artificials fooled his fish, but I’m not sure what style. In Southwest New Mexico. There are also catfish and crappie here. It was stocked Dec. 8 with 543 rainbow trout. Way to go, Riley!!!! starting to freeze-up, but in most cases the ice is not yet thick enough to allow ice fishing. Call, it was stocked Dec. 3 with 5,085 rainbow trout averaging 8.3 inches in length. Frozen Catalpa worms and uncooked shrimp. twice last week with a total of 2,400 rainbow trout. Fish are holding out over a 50- to 80-foot bottom. That’s true for trout, too! Santa Cruz Lake near Chimayo normally does not freeze over and usually has open water. The Ruidoso River was flowing at 0.47 cubic-feet-per-second at Ruidoso.. Fishing Report 12.14.2020. It was stocked Dec. 4 with 1,299 rainbow trout. Tiger Park Pond in Aztec was stocked Dec. 1 with 1,344 rainbow trout. Most high elevation lakes are now frozen over and may be inaccessible due to ice and snow. The ponds will open at 8:00am on Friday and close at 8:00am on Monday (October 2nd – 5th). Bass feeding will increase this month. The fishing has been good for catfish in the lower Gila, Quemado Lake has been fair for rainbow trout. The temperatures have been cold even at this lower-. Some may move, others may just hide under rocks and logs. Rig the herring on a freeline, which is basically a 1/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Hook, a section of 10-lb. There is some ice on the lake and it is currently closed due to increasing ice, conditions. As the weather cools the fish will start to move up and then go to the top water baits on deeper main lake seawalls like the Pop R, the Sammy, or the Zara Spooks. Read More. October 28, 2020 Lake Elevation 3592 Water Temperature 61-65 F. By A. Wayne Gustaveson . 404-803- 0741)– ... Sep 28 2020. The smaller streams, In the Albuquerque area, Tingley Beach is open again. elevation lake and thin ice may be forming, especially in the mornings. Concerning live bait, herring will continue to be the primary bait in October. The Rio Grande streamflow is 359 cubic-feet-per-second at Taos Junction Bridge. Monday, Dec 21 2020 Be sure to check ahead before heading out. Opinions expressed by readers, columnists and other contributors do not necessarily reflect the views of the Los Alamos Daily Post.

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