This is a religion that has no written literature, yet it is “written” everywhere for those who care to see and read. Other It is largely written in the peoples‟ myths and folktales, in their songs and dances, in their liturgies and shrines and in their proverbs and pithy sayings. The Meeting of African Religion and Other Religions, Books for Advanced Reading on African Religion, Examples of African Proverbs and Wise Sayings, Introduction to African Religion: Second Edition. These acts reflect the firm belief that Africans generally have in the existence of an unbroken relationship that exists between the living and the Dead.”. ( Log Out /  Photo Source: Adegoke, Yomi. Now is the perfect time to call on our own! $23.95. Thus, strictly speaking, religion in its pristine form is no longer in existence. Introduction. AFRICAN CULTURE AND ISLAMIslam, an Afro-Asiatic faith, has long been known to be a religion of great synthesis that has interacted with local cultures, enriching them and being enriched by them. It is what sustained them in times of turmoil. When we speak of African Traditional Religion, we mean the indigenous religious beliefs and practices of the Africans. Visit to learn about Bethune-Cookman University. The Cosmos Traditional Africans believe that the cosmos was created by a Supreme Being, God. Change ), Introduction To Traditional African Religion, One becomes an ancestor by living and dying in a particular way. Islamic influence is, in fact, revealed both at the explicit and suggestive levels in languages as different as the Berber dialects, Hausa, Swahili, and Somali to name just a few. For the past few hundred years, the African worldview has been stripped away from us, and our understanding of the world has taken a back seat to the ideals of outside influences. Traditional African religion is based on oral traditions, which means that the basic values and way of life are passed from elders to younger generation. The most prominent were R. S. Rattray, [14] P. A. Talbot, [15] A. Man, from its origin is born to worship God in the way his conscience and ability directs him to do. The ancestors are respected and venerated because they are elders and have walked the path that living people will walk. B. Ellis, [16] and S. S. Farrow. It is a religion whose historical founder is neither known nor worshipped; it is a religion that has no zeal for membership drive, yet it offers persistent fascination for Africans, young and old.”, “In African societies, the object that stands between humans and the divine is often made of wood, clay, stone, or metal. “The influence of other religions, especially, Christianity and Islam on African religion cannot be overemphasized. The account embraces foundational traditions, while touching on elements that spawn transitions, including migration, the spread of Christianity and Islam, political-economic development, and modern communication. AFRICAN SPIRITUALITY 5.1 Introduction This chapter will describe African Spirituality in detail and identify important aspects, particularly those which play a role in African churches and social groupings today. Thus, a priest or priestess is usually the only person allowed to officiate at the altar. The earliest group of people living in Southern Africa has been named the San people. INTRODUCTION TO AFRICAN TRADITIONAL RELIGION. Chief Olaitan. The pouring of Libations not only is sacred but very important in Traditional African Religions. In African religion, to become an ancestor, one must have lived an exemplary life, shown devotion to one’s own ancestors, respected the elders, and had children. The study of religion is aimed at understanding the similarities and differences in religion, the truth in religion and its relevance to the human society. Introduction to the Study of West African Traditional Religion Nature (a) Characteristics of W.A.T.R (i) Belief in the Supreme Being (ii) Divinities, Ancestors, Mystical Powers … 3.1 Introduction 80 3.2 Introduction of Christianity by European traders 81 3.3 The Methodist Church 91 ... Inter-religious relations, especially, among African Traditional Religion (ATR) worshippers, Muslims and Christians are becoming sources of social tension and violence. For centuries, African Traditional Religion in its myriad of forms was practiced by the majority of Africans, but in the last fifty years Christianity and Islam have become more prominent. Introduction Three religions dominates African continent: ATR, Islam and Christianity. FOUNDED: 200,000–100,000 b.c.e. The indigenous religious beliefs and practices of African peoples include various traditional religions. 4.6 out of 5 stars 32. Terminology. The ancestors are offered the reasons for which the meeting has been called and request success for the endeavor.” So, the next time you open a drink of any kind and decide to pour some of it out remember your Ancestors and say their name while in the act of pouring.

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