PN:25789. Looking for a mount for my HLX. Daniel Defense KeyMod™ Offset Flashlight Mount. Magpul M-LOK Offset Light Mount, Polymer $17.05. It was the perfect size for the red dot I ordered. This is by far and away the best offset rail I could find for mounting a reflex red dot as a secondary optic on my coyote gun (DPMS Oricale .223/556). 1911. The TMS AR15 M4 Flat Top Offset One Piece Scope Mount for 1913 Picatinny Rails is a heavy duty offset ring mount to install magnified optics scope for easier eye relief setup. These Arisaka mounts are tough to beat for the price. Add to Cart. Attaches by way of a squeeze rail. Adapters. Popular . $50.00. Free shipping. Keymod 3 Slot Picatinny/Weaver Rail 45 Degree Offset Mount Alumnum 1.38" $11.12. 95 $ 16. In doing so, we offset the optic slightly to the problem when using on top of the ACOG MGO. Other > Shop All Rails + Accessories > Shop All Firearms Accessories. I see that Magpul has an aluminum offset mount for about $15 cheaper. Ambidextrous by design for right and left hand shooters. Covers. SureFire. This is great for a person on a tight budget. I prefer the 7 o'clock shadow of an offset over the 9 o'clock shadow of an inline. Daniel Defense. No lift, it is at absolute cowitness height. ... ohhunt Bi-direction 25.4mm 30mm Offset Adjustable Mount Hunting Rifle Scopes Rings with Bubble Level Top Picatinny Weaver Rail. ... Flashlight mount for legacy MOE Hand Guards. ohhunt QD 1 inch 30mm Rings Integral Hunting Scope Mount Picatinny Rail Ar15 Ak 47 Bracket for Optical Sight with Bubble Level. Ambidextrous platform to mount lights. Popular . When the rifle is canted to make use of the offset red dot sight, the optic remains centered over the bore and maintains a consistent height. Categories. The Arisaka Offset Optic Mount is designed to be attached to the top Picatinny rail of an AR15 rifle. 95 For .223 - also fit M4 and all AR-15 variants. The Arisaka Defense 45° Offset Picatinny Mount is designed to be compatible with M-LOK handguards and lights with picatinny based lights like the Surefire X300 or Inforce WML weapon lights. The minute we showed this Leapers UTG offset mount to airgun writer Tom Gaylord, he said he had to have it because it had a ton of applications. On the top rail the light obstructs six o'clock in my ACOG. Tactical Low Profile Offset Picatinny Quad Rail laser Flashlight sight mount Black; can be installed in one of eight different clock positions; offers a sleek extra low profile design for improved ergonomics and can be manged in 8 different clock positions What … The Scout Offset Mount positions the light in an ideal location and angle for use with a Vertical Foregrip for intuitive and convenient operation of a tail-cap activation button. all 3 of these items combined make for an awesome setup on my 12.5″ SBR. Aim Sports AR-15 Tri-Rail Barrel Mount $21.55. ... 1913 Picatinny Rail Sections. Picatinny rail on top of rings for optional mount to attach lasers, flashlights and more; 6.70 oz. Features: • 45 Degree Off-Set Rail Mount for mounting your accessories at angle for easier access or clearance • Mount an optics, flashlight, or laser at a 45 degree angle • All Aluminum Construction • Length: 1.8" • Weight: 1.4 oz. Perfect for adding accessories for your self defense AR .223 and 5.56. A suppressor will have a larger shadow. Offset Tactical Flashlight Mount Specifications: Ambidextrous design to accommodate most mounting positions. I see everyone recommend Arisaka offset. G3 / MP5® / HK94. More than 12,000 acres of gorgeous untouched woodlands for you to investigate. Learn More. Optics in traditional scope mount hold well but don’t give you a way to remove them or exchange scopes easily. A mount should be be lightweight, fit perfectly on the flat-top rail of the AR15, and withstand hardcore recoil. 1.1" Inch Extra High Profile 2.36" Inch Long 5 Slots 223/5.56 Compact Riser Mount Weaver Picatinny Rail $ 24. As low as $34.95. 45 Degree 1"Inch 25.4mm Flashlight Mount with QD Quick Release Detachable base. This Vltor Offset Scout Flashlight Mount is fully ambidextrous and attaches solidly via a pair of simple, yet secure Quick Detach Thumb Knobs to any Picatinny Rail surface. The Patent Pending Arisaka Offset Scout Mount is designed specifically for the Surefire Scout Light M600 and M300 series weapon lights, the Arisaka 300 and 600 Series Lights, and the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1 and 2.It replaces the stock Picatinny rail adapter with a low profile mount … In Stock. $48.00. My Deltapoint Pro offset 45 degrees on a DD rail with 45 degree picatinny mini-rail slot. This .45 degree offset pictanny is an ideal solution for the shooter who's looking to add a mini red dot optic or offset iron sights to a competition rifle for close range target engagement. ... Impact Weapons Components Thorntail Scout Light Offset Mount $50.00. Quick view Add to Cart. Selection of AR15 Rail Mounts, 2 Piece AR 15 Drop In Quad Rail Handguards or 1 Piece Free Float Handguard Rail Mounts. Quick view Add to Cart. In this video we're checking out and testing the Protac Rail Mount 2 Flashlight from Streamlight! The base and optic plates can be reversed, allowing for use on the left or right side. 45 Offset 1913 Rail QD Rotation Limited Sling MOUNT-N-SLOT. ... M-LOK® Offset Light Mount, Polymer . Elzetta ZFH1500 - AR15 / A2 Flashlight Mount $25.95. I’m glad to hear they make a ROF-45 for the DPP. I ordered numerous offset rails and ended up returning them because they didn’t give me the clearance I needed to mount the sight towards the rear of … PRI AR-15 High Rider Carry Handle Mount $102.50. Places the flashlight at proper position to activate with thumb when using a vertical grip. Weaver Picatinny Riser Set $34.75. The KAC Offset Aimpoint Micro Mount is intended to be attached to either the 3 o’clock or 9 o’clock rail position, placing the red dot to the side of a primary variable power optic.

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