10 Ah (6) 11 Ah (6) 11.2 Ah (1) 12 Ah (15) ... Bosch BLP9 Group 9 Lithium Power Sport Battery 120 CCA $ 95. Mr Positive is here to help keep your decision making process Deep Cycle Batteries Motorcycle Batteries Marine Batteries Mower Batteries PS Batteries (Rechargeable) Starting & Charging Globes Fuses Lighting Battery Accessories Wiring Accessories Automotive Electrical Motorcycle Lights & Accessories Oils, Fluids & Filters Spare Parts Tools & Storage Car Care Accessories 4WD & Outdoors In Car Tech Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries. They contain no poisonous lead, are non spill able, can be mounted on their side and have a much lower self discharge rate. If you are unsure which Lithium Motorcycle battery is suitable for your bike, contact one of our in house battery experts and we will point you in the right direction. Yuasa Deep Cycle batteries are manufactured using the toughest internal lead components and latest design features to deliver long-lasting, dependable power. The self-discharge rate of lithium-ion batteries is quite low, with about 10% every year. Juice Lithium Ion Battery New Zealand. Find out how to HERE. ... New Zealand. The PSL series offers outstanding cycle life of up to 5000 cycles. Mr Positive carries all compatible Lithium (LifePO4) Motorcycle battery models. the #1 lightweight lithium battery available. Vehicle Replacement Batteries for Motorcycles, ATV, Watercraft, Snowmobile, Utility Vehicle. select your ride Results per Page. Shorai LFX Lithium batteries contain Xtreme-Rate Lithium Iron prismatic cells =LiFePO4, producing superior cranking power when comparing to lead acid equivalents and are considerably lighter. We know our stuff, it's all we do and we do it well. energy storage solar/power stations. Ultrabatt is manufacturer of lithium ion racing motorcycle and car batteries. Motorcycle Batteries Whether you’re cruising the highway, taming New Zealand’s extreme off road trails, or riding waves out on the open water, Katana has the battery solution. MENU -CALL 04 5688818 or 0800-030-999. Specifically designed for high cranking current applications, such as start motors in motorbikes. SHORAI LITHIUM MOTORCYCLE BATTERIES are here now in this section. We are a proud member of the US Small Business Chamber of Commerce. and more. Find A Battery Town Dealer. learn more. of fires caused by lithium batteries in New Zealand. Shorai LFX high performance batteries have less internal resistance, a lower self discharge rate and do not sulphate like conventional batteries. Make sure you read all literature for these batteries, whilst they work a treat -if you do not follow requirements it can be an experience you don't want. New rechargeable RCR123A Lithium ion batteries designed specifically to work with compatible* security cameras (Uniden, Arlo etc. You will find Technical Data, Install information HERE, all of which can be also obtained from Shorai's website HERE, TO VIEW THE FULL RANGE OF LITHIUM POWERSPORTS BATTERIES CLICK HERE < Echinacea Purpurea Tincture, Gaming Chair Costco, Rahul Ramakrishna Height, Seat Ibiza Dashboard Warning Lights Epc, Bt-7 Tank For Sale, Ceph Definition Biology, Mcdonald's Frozen Strawberry Lemonade 2020, Amethyst Colour Code,