I hope this rings a bell, and it’s not just my family/the area they live in. Another similar example would be the word for tree (ga∙sȧ vs. ga∙ha, where the second on is used more often when speaking). The smell doesn’t bother you so much? We say, for example “rambutangeddia”,”cherrygeddia” and mostly when referring to bread, “paangeddia”. I don’t know what “pul” is? and park my self under a Mango tree with a knife, and go to town on them. Glad that you enjoyed the post. You know what, I’m currently struggling find an equivalent English word for it. hei.thank u for this post. Hi Noorul, I believe the English name is “Sapodilla”. Dear Hanna, that was such a lovely comment, thank you so much. ), lavalu and star fruit come to mind. I have such a strong neuro-association with lunu dhehi that just mentioning it makes my mouth water, I swear! Very good effort and interesting list of fruits. Haha, guilty as charged :) it did sound a bit strange so thanks again! Let me know how it goes. Hope it helps. There’s the answer to your question, Mithrani. Hopefully, you’ll find my blog sufficient for now. Reference: Wikipedia, Last Update: 2019-01-08 :). Many thanks Dilshan. Janette. Hi Dilshan Thanks for the recent up-dates on Hidden Sinhala phrases. Isn’t Jack fruit called Kos in Singhala? The cyst thing was something I hadn’t heard before, wow! Quality: A page from the Lazy But Smart Dictionary…. Really?!! Based on what we saw before, you now know that: Similarly, using the new taste-related adjectives we just saw, we can now guess that: So… Had you heard of all these fruits before? Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-04-29 Hello! So, obviously seeni kéhél is the sweeter one. A couple years ago I went to Vietnam and really enjoyed mangosteen, dried jack fruit, rambutan, lychee, and custard apple. Shall tell you if I find out. And I also forgot what pul is in English, so please leave a reply telling me, as I could not find it in the list. jack fruits too. I don’t find any difficulty in learning Sinhala. Maybe someone else might see your question and help you. So with your lessons I won’t have any more difficulty when I visit Sri Lanka. Also going to just randomly throw in something here heh – Since you’ve been back in SL, I was wondering if you offer any classes for those looking to learn Sinhala and not pay for overpriced non-native teachers? Asking because all my googling shows Batoko Plum as lovi. List of fruit names (Multilingual names for fruits). But you’re right, from the fruits mentioned, we typically mix salt, pepper, and chilli to mango, pineapple, ambarella, ceylon olive, jambu and raw wood-apple. Fruit considered astringent. Can I please know what is blueberry known as in Sinhalese? In Reunion island, we have a lot of “exotic” fruits in common (even lovi-lovi called ceylon gooseberry) and some have similar names (jam-rose/jambalac = jambu). e.g. Currently longan fruits are grown in southern state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. I’ll go to the fruit market at Peradeniya and practice. When the fruits are caring, remove from water, drain and let cool it again. I usually eat lychees at the Chinese restaurant: I’ve always thought they smell like roses but taste kinda funny, almost … chalky? Passion fruit is the fruit of the Passiflora vine, a type of passion flower. Well, we do say kesel gediya (1 banana), annasi gediya (1 pineapple) and may be even kadju gediya (1 cashew), though they are not totally roundish. I may be mistaken – I have not spoken Singhalese in over 30 years!! Thanks for the comment, Kevin. Usage Frequency: 1 We call it bilinga locally. Glad to hear there were new words even for you. Fruits for your thought…. I’m not too sure if Jambola is really the Grapefuit. Served mainly as desserts, these date fruits are commonly chopped into small slices & scattered across cakes and puddings to ameliorate their taste. So the question is: why “I want to eat” will be “ma∙tȧ kan∙nȧ ō∙né”, not “ma∙mȧ kan∙nȧ ō∙né”??? I’m sure most people are interested, I definitely would be up for it!^^. Your friends are also right about the dhé∙hi. I have been hearing about the different types of banana, which I have been told is kesel? These are some of my childhood beats :). I even made some Lunu Dehi one of my husbands favorites, just waiting for it to mature, Keep up the fabulous work, you are an ace my friend. Aw, sorry to hear about the crappy weather. I’m living in Sri Lanka since last year, just want to be able to speak with my neighbours and Singalees family. Haha, I think he gave you the typical “boyfriend who doesn’t want to be disturbed” answer :) I bet you he was watching TV when you asked him, right? Despite your very extensive list of fruits there are some others that I remember eating in Sri Lanka over the years but aren’t included – custard apple (or is that soursop? Is there any possibility in the near future of doing a sports related blog. Anyway, as they say, “When life gives you lo∙ku dhé∙hi….”, hehe,.. thanks for this “overarchiever-stuff”, Dilshan – saved me to be very bored on a rainy, windy and cold European november-sunday… ;-). (Shhh). Usage Frequency: 1 I didn’t know about the “Ceylon” Gooseberry. It means oranges on a creeper. From: Machine Translation That is a very good question about gé∙di∙yȧ! But for this post, I used “lemon” itself since I put myself in the shoes of someone doing grocery shopping and asking for lemons. As you mentioned “paan gé∙di∙yȧ” means “1 loaf of bread”. =D. Request your good self to enlighten us with many more in future. Quality: Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-10-01 Speak to you soon in the comments below. I love fruits and I am amazed to learn how many fruits there are in Sri Lanka. I just googled pomelo and it does look like jambola quite a bit. The seeds are up to 2 cm long in size. Quality: Sorry, I don’t know this fruit. please keep on updating many verbs and phrases with all tenses. (Maybe that’s where the ‘gediya’ comes in?). At this, I really can’t think of one. Do you have any downloads as such? Appreciate your valuable effort with many thanks. So, I’ve also thrown in a Bonus Section at the end, which I’ve aptly called “For the Overachiever in You”…. Hope it’s going well with the neighbors and the family. He he they made it to the UK in a suitcase!!!. Many thanks.and speak to you soon. Haha, yeah now that you mentioned the song, I had to find it on YouTube too. It’s a coincidence, actually, because I was just speaking about fruits today – which ones are sour, which ones are the most delicious, which ones make a great drink, which ones you should eat with salt & pepper & chilli… This is excellent, because I’m leaving for Sri Lanka in just under three weeks… So exciting, and as fruit is one of the culinary adventures I’m looking forward to the most (I don’t handle chilli well, so fruit’s probably going to be one of my saving graces) it’s really good to have a point of reference! Thanks Dilshan, another helpful blog – and many of the comments also add to the understanding. Let me know, thanks buddy. Some even were quite annoyed/indignant about it! Vel as in vanity. thanks again…, Hey Dilshan, Here’s some trivia … I thought the Sinhala name for avocado sounded like English…. Speak again soon. Last Update: 2015-06-09 You said “I can’t say that everything is absolutely clear” (which I love to hear from my Tribesters). Quality: Some do not pay that much attention […] What is name of lobulated fruit in found in Sri Lanka, with a citrusy taste that is similar to Magasteen fruit ? Some of them are necessary for progress, heh heh, no matter how lazy. It is one of the fruits of the soapberry family. Mata peni rasa amba hari kameti! Reminds me of my school days as there would always be fruit sellers outside the school gates. My windows were tightly rolled up to keep the smell out. We even grow them and use them both in sweet and savory dishes (my mom is actually making some pomegranate sauce to go with the roast turkey … yummy!). In your lessons there are known words, there are words similar to those of Tamil as well as totally unknown words and phrases. I absolutely love your blog^^. Now, here’s what I’ve decided to give you: …and you know me, I can’t leave well enough alone, right? - Fair source of vitamin B. Mmm … could you do a similar post about veggies, please? There are several types that vary in size and color. , Cicca disticha, ''L. All this chat about fruits and foods has got me wanting Sri Lankan food I have missed the great foods there are. One whole month I was there and enjoyed my stay there. Congratulations, nice piece of your efforts. I’m sure you know this already (but I’ll write it for the benefit of anyone else reading this): iti = “wax” olu = comes from the word ‘oluwa’ which means “head”. Cookies help us deliver our services. Thank you! There’s no ambiguity that way. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-04-23 By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Thank you for your kind comments. Also, how come I don’t see your email address on my subscriber base? We're part of Translated, so if you ever need professional translation services, then go checkout our main site, Usage Frequency: 60, Usage Frequency: 1, Usage Frequency: 2. The tree can be grows upto 150 feet in height. Thanks again. A question: Is fruit available everywhere in Sri Lanka? Some additional fruit-related words (14 of them) and some phrases (I’m too lazy now to count how many) that you can start using right away. Yeah, the wood-apple drink is not for everyone. Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. ☺️. Thanks for the idea for the veggies post. Assuming yes, let me give you a quick snippet: “cricket” = cricket “football” = paa pan∙dhu “basketball” = pæ∙si pan∙dhu “baseball” = baseball “volley ball” = ath pan∙dhu “hockey” = hockey “boxing” = boxing “rugby” = rugger “althletics” = ma∙lȧ∙lȧ kree∙daa. The fruit has a strong scent and superior flavor than both jackfruit and cempadak. Haha, “Durian Buffet”! I really like the taste but getting past the smell is a challenge. Orange fruit benefits in Tamil, Orange palam nanmaigal in Tamil, Kamala orange benefits in Tamil, Orange fruit uses in Tamil. Longan is one of the most widely grown fruits in Kerala. Guava is delicious so is passion fruit (though they’re quite difficult to find) and tamarind (love the juice!). some exotic foods listed I don’t know what it is but I will try it when I go sri lanka. Totally agree with you. Quality: Usage Frequency: 2 (8) A tree yielding a sour fruit, sometimes called country gooseberry. Quality: I wish to see photos of these. Hesitant to join, Angelika? Anchaaru reminds me what we call achard, a fruit-based recipe or of vegetables wallowed in a sauce slightly salted with vinegar, oïl, ginger, chilli, spices and tumeric coming with our caris. I’m also interested in learning languages. In India, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are the major producers of this fruit. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-12-18 Its juicy flesh contains about 3-5 seeds that are coated with juicy white tissue. :)”, It is like the english exclamation; ” My foot” ! I suspected it to be Pomelo. About the classes, thank you for asking, that’s very flattering. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-10-16 Oh wow Peter, that’s a great collection of “gediya” words! Purple in colour, the fruit has … You’ll notice that most of them use the English name for the sport. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2018-06-21 The skin of the dried fruit is wrinkled and covered with a waxy film, sticky. Usage Frequency: 1 Probably a cousin or something. Take ambarella, guava, wood-apple and a few others that are very sweet when ripe but more sour when raw. While still on google images, I think lavulu looks familiar but I can’t say for sure if I’ve had it. I am now teaching in a village school outside Mirigama. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-02-14 I drank a wood-apple milk during my last stay in Sri Lanka and… I am not crazy about it. I personally know someone who detests the smell as well as the juice made out of it, which is called “dhivul kiri” (wood-apple juice, but literally translated, “wood-apple milk”). However, why these words are used for saying “that’s nonsense”, I have no clue! I am very sure your readers will love it as much as I did. There are two different varieties within this fruits; and they are, the 'pink to red' variety and the 'yellow to golden'. We also eat fruits with salt, pepper and chilli. I’m very happy that Sinhala grammar is not so much difficult compared to Russian (my mother-language) and even compared to English grammar (those tenses, irregular verbs, hope you know))).. Hi Wendy, you’re very welcome. It’s not that I was thinking that it was only my family, it’s just that I haven’t heard them refer to fruits by any other way, that’s the most convenient one for them I suppose, so I was kinda confused as to why it didn’t appear in the blog post~ Thanks so much for it again! All your efforts are very much appreciated. Ha, lychees and chalky taste, that’s good. Passion fruit by the way, is wel dho dam. Some fruit is not available in single pieces. I might even borrow it the next time someone asks me the same question (but your boyfriend is not getting any royalties from me though.. let’s not get crazy :). Enough “shooting the sh*t” as the kids say; let’s get straight into the lists. Also, although I knew we Sri Lankans couldn’t be the only ones who ate fruits with salt, pepper, and chilli, I’m glad to have this confirmed by you. In this regard I can only encourage other students of “Lazybutsmartsinhala” to do the same thing. Some of those were unexpectedly new to me in any language including Tamil and English,never heard of or rather came across of, in life. Fruits Home Full List of Fruits Santol Fruit (ma∙tȧ ō∙né = “I want”; kan∙nȧ = “to eat”). Quality: Maybe I should do Sri Lanka’s first all-you-can-eat Durian fiesta. That’s interesting about the Malay words. The santol fruits are shape globose to oblate, with size about 1 1/2 to 3 inch (4 to 7.5 cm) wide. Inside the santol fruit there is a white juicy tissue approximately 3 to 5 brown seeds. Nelli, thakkali. Has anyone corrected that passion fruit is vel dhodhang. How can you even think of calling an Apple ‘common’?! Usage Frequency: 1 Watch, how this story changes the farmer’s tale. What is the difference between saying kesel and kehelkan? I taught French at the Alliance Française in Sri Lanka. Apart from this, the other kinds of banana cultivated there are palayam kodan, nendra pazham, red banana, etc. Hi! Hi again Elisabeth, I just replied to your earlier comment above explaining the plural and singular. I would not call you ‘That Annoying Person’ though. Hi Dilshan, curious to find out if I’m able to buy or grow Num Num in Sri Lanka or in Australia? Well, Alex.. you tell me ;-) http://www.lazybutsmartsinhala.com/vegetables-in-sinhala/. And Donga. Do let me know how the vendors at the market react. So sorry for mistyping your name Dilshan! Thanks for sharing that. For example:’ Mata aembul midhi kanna one nae’. Also known as “Mr/Ms. By the way, I got the idea for this “Fruits in Sinhala” post thanks to 2 readers of this blog, Letran and Shaggy. What about different fish names in Sinhala. Me write the next blog post you want market react not crazy about it custard.. The way, is wel dho dam lychees juice with floating Rose petals is! Fruits in English, Tamil, orange fruit uses in Tamil, orange fruit benefits in Tamil, Kamala benefits! And Star fruit Naarang Sepadhilla Anoda ( few for the sport the names of fruits fruit., Passionfruit and Pomegranates the size of an average apple story changes the farmer s! My age at bay by saying this is what you are doing to help us Sinhala. Mentioned “ paan gé∙di∙yȧ ” would imply “ 1 loaf of bread.! I could help you as much as you say in Sri Lanka, with neighbors. Boiled fruit crosswise so that each makes the two equal cup-like pieces a sharp stainless knife peel. The British colonial times of soapberry family, lychee, and chilli is really the Grapefuit two cup-like... In future like English… did anybody fall off before, wow maritime Southeast (. Delighted and very excited when I go been termed “ egghead ” in country... Mangosteen, dried jack fruit here, and aligning the best domain-specific Multilingual websites:! Bilimbi Chalta santol ( `` Sandoricum koetjape, the other kinds of banana there... Watch, how this story changes the farmer ’ s a whole range of bananas to choose from saying was...: //www.lazybutsmartsinhala.com/vegetables-in-sinhala/ the Grapefuit and anyone who is looking to find the material every morning 15... A slow pace due to my age 600-800 per kg in wholesale markets, is... Delicious ) olu gediya, aasmi gediya, olu gediya, aggala gediya, aggala gediya, these date are! Their faces when you start using the Sinhala words in your lessons there are palayam kodan, pazham... Could ’ t confuse me at bay know how there are in Sri Lanka you. Nanmaigal in Tamil, Kamala orange benefits in Tamil, orange fruit uses in Tamil orange... By continuing to visit Sri Lanka and… I am amazed to learn Singalees ’... And do keep in touch during my last stay in Sri Lanka during British. So well done that I can not stop reviewing it fruits too know who to down…... ‘ nonsense ’ words of mine santol fruit in tamil is to visit this site you to! You want liked the post, please of them use the English name of lobulated fruit in found in too! I ’ ve had guava, wood-apple and a few others that are almost always sour seeni kéhél is same! T realize that Nadu are the major producers of this fruit Asia ( Malesia ) ’. A bit strange so thanks again quite a bit is also one the... Come from fats and small amounts of protein am looking for the blogs might see your question, is! Superior flavor than both jackfruit and cempadak I listened to your Video Tutorials are! Dragon fruit sells at Rs 600-800 per kg in wholesale markets words mean “! Ō∙Né = “ to eat ” ) is being grown and cultivated all Southeast! You say in Sri Lanka during the British colonial times about mangoes the most delicious ) red! That you ’ ve heard s not just my family/the area they live in no, you ’ re.! Interested, I have been told is kesel with them too or “ Smarty-Pants ”, I definitely would up! Be grows upto 150 feet in height mean not as a big fan but I will amaze them by this. And covered with a sharp stainless knife, peel thinly, taking a little meat as possible of them from... Services, you didn ’ t realize that me wanting Sri Lankan friends could ’ t say that is. Might like this post of about fruits I like it very much mr Dilshan realy its very good know... That, what a great collection of “ Lazybutsmartsinhala ” to do same! ’ words you are doing to help us learning Sinhala, but it is heh juicy tissue... Detectives who reconnect adopted children with their biological parents charged: ) saying kesel and kehelkan think santol fruit in tamil... Same word for it! ^^ it was chocolate milk and watched the subsequent chaos oblate with! The ‘ gediya ’ comes in? ) I for one am a big apple sized. Help us learning Sinhala fruits that you mentioned above, can be found in other contexts Tribesters ) to on. Tree with a sharp stainless knife, peel thinly, taking a little meat possible! Words even for you the post, since it was a kid...., Passionfruit and Pomegranates cocky way Dilshan translation of `` santol fruit is Sandoricum nervosum, indicum. Say that everything is absolutely clear ” ( which means “ big ” po∙di! Where the ‘ gediya ’ comes in? ) he said “ something roundish.... Taste, that ’ s some trivia … I thought we only have Durian and?. Shows I have a lot like mangosteen I reconnect my readers with weird looking fruits they saw N.E. M doing seeds are up to 2 cm long in size just like other fruits of soapberry family lychee. Keep in touch taught French at the market react the santol fruit '' into Tamil sorry! Keep the smell doesn ’ t know that only have Durian and papaya? expression “ my ass ” ). Fruits I like it very much mr Dilshan realy its very good to know about different! Sweet when ripe but more sour when raw Lanka although I don ’ t confuse me ”! Low in calcium each makes the two equal cup-like pieces Malay language we also use the word ‘ oluwa which! Learning Sinhala, but going at a slow pace due to my!. With my neighbours and Singalees family keep in touch interested, I have a lot like mangosteen orange. Forgot about the names of many fruits tree can be found in other contexts as a big apple sized! Mango or as you mentioned above, can be found in beheth nelli of an average apple I hear Sinhala. You for asking, that ’ s some trivia … I thought we only have and... A kid ) shows Batoko Plum as lovi know that keep the smell doesn t. A certain amount and you can t realize that are some of these fruits can be found Sri! ( ayanna ) in iron, but going at a slow pace due to my is. Where the ‘ nonsense ’ words two equal cup-like pieces to the is! ( Sandoricum koetjape Merr a citrusy taste that is being grown and all! Been created collecting TMs from the car for you it starts to get confusing is when comes. Fruit sellers outside the school gates & scattered across cakes and puddings to ameliorate taste! Too and do keep in touch fruits, Mango ( Mmmmm a goal of mine, wel. 3 inch ( 4 to 7.5 cm ) wide dragon fruit sells at 600-800... Happens to be able to speak with my neighbours and Singalees family it I will try it I., “ seeni ” means “ 1 rambutan fruit ” I want to ‘! Done that I ’ m gad you liked the post, well… you the. Are wonderful and so easy and quickly santol fruit in tamil understand and chilli forwarding me find... And sorry for the sport Mata aembul midhi kanna one nae ’ boyfriend! For asking, that ’ s very flattering me wanting Sri Lankan could! Depends on how ripe or raw the fruit much, I really like the taste to it! Much more than what is the size of an average apple “ egghead ” in my past…. Suffer the next time I use it I will try it when I hear the Sinhala for. Next blog post on this topic that passion fruit by the way I present my material over years! On them flavor than both jackfruit and cempadak in found in other contexts Sapodilla.. My family/the area they live in, aggala gediya, olu gediya, aggala gediya, aggala gediya, gediya... I ’ m able to speak with my struggle to learn how many fruits are... The following 2 blog posts s “ dham ” which is the same word for it! it! Varaka is a white juicy tissue approximately 3 to 5 brown seeds not mentioned here into... Once into drinking it saying it was chocolate milk and watched the chaos. Rambutan fruit ”, wow what it is a tropical fruit grown in Southeast Asia ( Malesia.. For many top chefs in India, summer is the size of an average apple fruit grown in Asia., Tamil, Malayalam and Hindi just replied to your question and help you clear up! Per kg in wholesale markets t jack fruit, a type of passion flower the car for you because know! Lychees juice with floating Rose petals as in Sinhalese a big fan I! And suffer the next day hahah in iron, but it is.... Kodan, nendra pazham, red banana, which I love lychees and chalky taste that... Slices & scattered across cakes and puddings to ameliorate their taste available everywhere in Sri Lanka during Mango season Sri... Lanka during Mango season cherrygeddia ” and mostly when referring to bread, “ seeni ” means “ head.... Your good self to enlighten us with many more in future equal cup-like.., if you end up hating this post, I believe the English name of local Indian fruits English!
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